GM Pauses Sales of Some Trucks To Fix Roof Defect

General Motors has ordered dealerships to halt sales of about 3,000 full-size pickup trucks while it corrects a defect that has caused some roof panels to split.

A Chevrolet spokesperson told industry publication Automotive News that the order affects some, but not all, 2024 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks.

Dealers still have most of the trucks, but buyers have already driven some home.

You won’t see the split on your own truck. It’s hidden beneath a plastic strip. Owners might become aware of it if the roof leaks when wet. has published a service bulletin reportedly sent to dealerships explaining how to fix the problem. It instructs dealers to remove the plastic molding on the roof above the passengers’ side doors and inspect to see if the welded metal joint that the molding hides has begun to separate.

If so, the instructions tell them to MIG weld the section, repaint it, and apply a seam sealer to the underside before replacing the headliner. “A proper repair should be unidentifiable,” the document reads.

The company hasn’t filed a formal safety recall with the federal government. But warranties should cover the work for those who have bought a truck with the problem.

GM knows which specific vehicles may have the defect and will contact those owners, AN reports. “Customers with affected Silverados or Sierras are being instructed to contact a dealership to schedule a repair.”

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