Report: Porsche Panamera Wagon Dead

There’s an all-new Porsche Panamera on the way to dealerships, with a fascinating trick suspension that leans away from turns to keep its cabin stable. But it’s missing something – the Sport Turismo wagon version.

Longtime Porsche fans haven’t been concerned. The company traditionally introduces redesigned models with slimmed-down lineups and adds more variants over several years. But a new report says the longroof Panamera will never come back.

“Porsche has dropped the Sport Turismo station wagon version of the Panamera as part of a major refresh of its now sedan-only range, citing slow sales,” reports industry publication Automotive News.

The Panamera wagon was introduced in 2017. But Porsche tells AN the Sport Turismo has played “a minor role” in sales, and “we have decided to discontinue this model variant with the launch of the new generation.”

Wagon lovers shouldn’t lose hope. Porsche still builds its Taycan electric car in two extraordinary wagon versions – the pavement-oriented Sport Turismo and the almost laughably capable Cross Turismo, which adds all-terrain capability.

But the Audi RS6 Avant is getting lonely, and the high-performance gas-powered wagon is a fading breed.

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