Survey: Nonexistent Electric Toyota Tacoma Is Most Popular EV Truck

Autolist’s annual Electric Truck Survey shows that “the electric Toyota Tacoma now ranks as the most popular type of all-electric pickup truck.” The Toyota electric vehicle (EV) pushed the Ford F-150 Lightning out of the top spot this year and easily defeated the famous Tesla Cybertruck. It’s big news for Toyota.

Or, at least, it would be. If the electric Toyota Tacoma existed.

Electric Truck Appeal Fading

Autolist surveyed 3,600 car shoppers between August and November “to gauge their attitudes towards electric trucks and the EV market in general.” They found interest in EV trucks fading. Just 22% of respondents said electric trucks were “more appealing than traditional trucks.” Last year, 29% said the same.

Only 27% of respondents said their next truck was “very” or “somewhat” likely to be electric — down from 35% a year ago.

EV sales continue to grow, but the rate of growth has slowed. Autolist thinks that’s true because “consumers who accept EVs’ higher prices, charging needs, and range limitations have already made the leap.”

But a Fictional Truck Might Bring a Boost

But some would leap back in for a fictional truck. In a popularity contest, the researchers found an imaginary truck beats everything currently for sale. Twenty-four percent of respondents said they would most likely buy an electric Toyota Tacoma — a truck Toyota doesn’t currently produce and has not publicly disclosed plans to build.

Just 19% would buy Ford’s F-150 Lightning, which does exist. Fifteen percent would choose the equally real Chevrolet Silverado EV, and 14% would buy the Tesla Cybertruck, which is finally real after years of existing mostly as a meme. The Ram 1500 REV, also in the works, would be the choice of 9%.

While Toyota hasn’t suggested an electric Tacoma is coming, the company recently showed off a small electric pickup at the Japan Mobility Show. That truck was smaller than the Tacoma, and officially a concept car — a design sketch an automaker doesn’t necessarily plan to build. But the survey results should give Toyota product planners something to bring to the next meeting.

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